The International Center of Kentucky is a refugee resettlement agency based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Started in 1981 by Marty Deputy, the International Center has helped resettle over 10,000 refugees, victims of human trafficking, and immigrants from 30 countries around the world. Working closely with the Department of State and the US Committee for Refugees and Immigrants, the International Center ensures that people have a support structure that enables them to fully integrate and thrive in the United States.

“We have a legal and moral obligation to protect people fleeing bombs, bullets and tyrants, and throughout history those people have enriched our society.”
— Juliet Stevenson


The mission of the International Center is to address the needs of refugees and immigrants in their assimilation and integration into community life by providing employment, education, housing and other social services.

It is our hope that the assistance we lend will fuel success and prosperity among the families we host.